Help & FAQs


Q When will the item be shipped?
A We will ship within 2 business days after your order. It is closed on weekends and holidays.

Q Please let me know the tracking number of the item.
A You can check it on the product management screen after the shipping completion email. If there is no tracking number, there is no tracking number.
Please enter the tracking number on the following site.

Q When will the item arrive?
A The arrival time of product A depends on the weight of the product.

0 – 1 lbs$0-Free shipping (no tracking)7 to 21 days for delivery
1 – 2 lbs$10Standard shipping (with tracking code)7 to 21 days
2 – 4 lbs$20Medium shipping (with tracking code)7 to 14 days
4 – 11 lbs$50Expedited shipping (with tracking code)7 days
11 – 65 lbs$130Sea Mail (with tracking code )estimated to arrive in 2 months Sea Mail
65 – 130 lbs$260Sea Mail (with tracking code) 2 packagesestimated to arrive in 2 months Sea Mail
130 – 195 lbs$390Sea Mail (with tracking code) 3 packagesestimated to arrive in 2 months Sea Mail

* Orders total weight over 190 lbs is not able to process automatically.
Please split your order into two and more separate orders.

Q What payment methods do you have?
A The payment method is only PayPal.

Q Do I have to pay import taxes?
A Depending on the product. There is a tariff. The buyer need to pay the import taxes. Please pay when you receive the item.
The import taxes are separate from the product price.

Q I would like to remove my personal Information from Gagoawo.
A If you would like to delete your information from our service, please contact us through the contact form. From the viewpoint of preserving the order integrity, we will delete the customer information about 2 months after the last shipment.